Friday, March 27, 2009

"Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?"

I bought Hannah this 2 piece last year, which was too big then. I don't think she'll be able to wear this for Memorial Day. What a chunkers! Not sure how I got this either. Hannah is crawling now and on the move!! Here's her Excercises...

A Little Stretching...Jumping Jacks..All DoneTime To Move..
This weekend, I'm looking forward to some time at HOME. Last Saturday, we were planning on Skating early and then enjoying the afternoon. We didn't expect to be in the ER getting stitches. Mike has to work Saturday so I think Hunter and I might work on some crafts. I'm planning to make a big pot of Chili and Pampered Chef's Cool Veggie Pizza.
Hopefully, we'll be able to pick up the new doors for the house sometime. We got a new faucet for our kitchen last night and Mike installed it. He also got us a new light for our Utility Room so we'll have more light while doing laundry. We're looking forward to doing some things around the house and enjoying some Family time. We need rest and relaxation!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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