Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Sewn Up -*Updated*

Mike, Hunter and I went to The Skating Rink Saturday so Hunter could try out skating...He's decided he doesn't like it so much. He likes Ice Skating much better.
Hunter lost his balance and fell Chin first right on the Rink. He had a pretty deep gash. He was bleeding everywhere. We rushed him off to the Riverside ER, where he got 6 stitches. Later on, Saturday, 1 popped open and he had to go back for them to look at it. It had started to spread open again and bleed. They didn't do the stitch over but placed this strip over top to hold it together. (and a band aid, of course) We also asked for a note for him to be excused from outside play. We talked to Hunter and he completely understood. He doesn't want to have to go back to the hospital to get his wound fixed again. He was, obviously very upset when it first happened. He cried all the way there and was bleeding like crazy. But then, he started watching Mike's IPOD and he calmed down. They put a thick gel over his wound for 20 minutes to numb him. He got 3 shots and they stitched him up. No problem. He was SO brave. I'm so proud of him. He layed as still as he could be. What a trooper! We're still undecided on where to have his birthday party but we're ALL in agreement that it WON'T be at the Skating Rink. Hunter has decided he likes to Ice Skate much better...
*Updated with pictures on the way and in the Emergency Room*
This was on the way to the Hospital. He had calmed down and wanted to know what it was like. (because it was bleeding so bad)
In the ER, and waiting for the DoctorTrying not to think about it..

"I'm ok, Mom. Just Look"

We were SO proud of Hunter. He was so brave. In fact, the nurses, Doctor and the staff were impressed too. He asked the Doctor what her name was, while she was stitching him up. She said "Tina " and then, he told her he loved her. She burst out in laughter and gave him a hug and a kiss. Awww...That's my Love Bug:)

(He also got to pick out a stuffed animal and he told them he needed to get one for his sister too!)

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Benita said...

OUCH! Poor thing :( That looks so painful! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!