Friday, March 20, 2009

My Favorite Readers

Hunter got a new book about Loose Teeth. He read to us and said he really liked his new book.
HOW PROUD we are!
Daddy's being silly and making Hunter laugh
Here's my youngest reader. Is she Girlie or WHAT?
Hannah loves to sit on our bed and listen to us read books. She waves those arms around when she gets really excited. She adores her brother and is always trying to grab him!Planning her escape...
I am SO SO glad today is Friday! I'm so tired. I could slept in until 9, or until Hunter woke me up. Mike isn't feeling good so he's home today. Hannah has her 9 month appointment this afternoon. She gets 1 shot and 1 prick in her toe to test her iron. Hope she does OK but she has some Tylenol and Barbie band aids for afterwards =) She's so Girlie!
Saturday, we're planning to stay home. I want to redecorate with my Spring stuff during the kid's nap time. Hunter and I are going to work on some crafts and I'd like to make a large pot of Chili. And of COURSE, I'd like to work in my new pretty Scrapbook area. My Cricut has been CALLING my name lately and I can't wait to work on it! Sunday is supposed to be pretty so I'll try to get some time out to play. Busch Gardens opens so we may try to make it up there for a bit. Whatever you do, have a great weekend!!


MollyPeckham said...

I hope that her drs appt goes fast for her, and she doesn't scream for too long!

Rachel said...

What a sweeite, so pretty in pink! Your big boy is so adoreable too!

lisa dickinson said...

hope you get some scrappin time in this weekend! :)

Marie Starr said...

Such a 'girly-girl' in pink...just darling!! Hope things go well for her at the doctor.