Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fabulous Weekend

Awe...another weekend coming to an end. It just goes by WAY too fast. But it was wonderful so I don't mind.

-Friday, we did NOT go to the Yankee Candle Factory as planned because it was POURING down rain. It just wasn't worth taking the kids out. We had pizza delivered at home and played Wii most of the night. It was great!

-Saturday, Mike worked most of the day and then, helped our Aunt out moving some things. I got some cleaning done and got to spend the day with my kids. I also made the huge pot of Chili and Cool Veggie Pizza I had planned to make. We had a nice dinner together when Mike got home.

-Sunday, we went to Church and then a little shopping afterwards. We picked up outfits for the kids for Easter. We came home and strolled through the neighborhood. Hunter rode his bike, Mike rollerbladed and I pushed Hannah in the stroller. It was WONDERFUL out! (The temps got to 83)

-Monday, we're having Corn Beef Hash for Dinner and I think we're finally buying our doors. We were waiting for the rain to stop. Now, we just have to paint them. The week's forecast looks good except for Wednesday. I can't WAIT to get them all up. Hope everyone has a great week!!

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