Friday, August 04, 2006

Ain't Love Grand?

Hunter was "showing some love" at the pool on "Float Nite". He just melts my heart when he "lays one on me". Those kisses are so sweet. He does a lot of kissin' lately. If he's standing besde you, he'll just kiss your leg. I LOVE IT! He's such a joy and the best kid in the world. We love him so much for the sweet and caring little boy he is. We thank God every day for such a healthy and happy little boy:)


Lorrie said...

cute pictures! Gotta love baby puckers!

Mindy said...

Hunter really is a great kid. So what if he gets cranky sometimes? He's 2! And I've seen adults act much worse when they were upset. I love being with Hunter. I only hope that if we have a kid someday, he/she is just as wonderful. Don't let the naysayers bother you. Do what's right for your family and yourself. People that are that negative usually go through life miserable anyway. Let them.