Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fun at the Fountain

We went to "The Fountain" tonite just to walk around and see what was in the area. It was so pretty. We took some pictures when we first got there but the sunset was beautiful!! They came out a little blurry but I liked them anyway. Between us watching Hunter and being on the phone:) we were glad we got any! Since Hunter hadn't felt good lately, he hasn't been outside to play all that much. He needed some down time and he had a ball:) It's so pretty there. We had fun walking. Mike wanted to stop for ice cream...OK, I'll be taking a 2nd Mortgage out on our home to pay for might as well been Coldstone it was so expensive. But I was good...not to mix up my blogs... I have my other blog for the weight loss goals but I was proud of myself! I had a smoothie that was pineapple, banana, fat free vanilla ice cream and pineapple juice. I was very impressed that I stuck to it...although the Today show was talking the other day about those smoothies aren't as healthy as you think. HHHMM
Atleast I tried. Hunter had cake batter ice cream and Mike had chocolate with a caramel add in. I didn't try his but I DID try a half spoonful of Hunter's. YUM YUM..
Anyway, we will have to go back there soon. They have movies on Saturday nights. How fun!

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Lorrie said...

Nice pictures Jen, my favorite one is the 4th one down, with the fountains.