Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bargains Bargains Bargains

Well, we went out tonite to get a new bike trailer for Hunter. The seat that hooks to our bike has been WONDERFUL but Hunter has finally outgrown it. He loves riding in it. Any time we tell him that we are going for a bike ride, he runs upstairs and gets his helmet:) I hope he will continue to love the great outdoors like Mom and Dad. I tried him in it tonite and he loved it. It actually is made and seats 2 comfortably. That's great because we do hope to have another child in the near future;O. It has 2 inner pockets, a pocket in the back, a screen that protects him and a rain cover that rolls up top. I LOVE IT! It was so affordable too. You gotta love Walmart:) Anway the other goodies I got were from Target. We got him an Elmo sprinkler and a Nemo Water Slide, which were both $2.44 each!! Then, I got him some new water shoes for $4 each!! They are the Speedo kind we got him last year. It's hard to find him shoes that fit because his foot is so wide. We were THRILLED to get stuff so cheap tonite. We were only looking for the bike trailer but glad we were looking at the right time and place:)
Can't wait to try his trailer out this weekend. We're going for a bike ride Saturday morning with some friends!

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Lorrie said...

Those trailers are so cool! Is DNK to big to ride with H?? lol!