Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

Well, I got a call at work Friday that Hunter's fever was over 102! My mom picked him up and kept him at her house until Mike got there. I met her over at Food Lion for some Tylenol during my lunch after she picked him up. It was HORRIBLE. He was burning up with fever. He was limp, flushed in the face and could hardly walk he was so tired. I felt so bad that I couldn't take him home right then. Work was nuts and I could have left but our office was SO short handed and we were crazy busy. I was right in the middle of a large transaction when she called and almost cried when I saw the caller id. Mike got to my moms house shortly after but Hunter was so weak he chose not to take him home since he had a 3:30 appointment at the Childrens Clinic. He just sat on Mom's couch and held him while he slept. Turns out he has a virus, so as scary as the fever is, his body is doing what it's supposed to do. It's just terrible watching your kids hurt. I was in tears when I came back to the office. I knew he would be fine but will always worry if his high fever will result in another seizure. Last December, Hunter had a Febrile Seizure and we've NEVER been the same. I don't live in fear but I take fevers VERY serious. He was fine all day as we decorated the Christmas tree with him. That evening, he got tired very quickly and wanted to go to bed. I put him to bed but knew he would be back up, as it was much too early, even for him. When I went back and checked on him, he was burning up and crying. I went to go back downstairs to get the Tylenol as Hunter stood up in his crib and by the time I got to the door, he had started. We rushed him to the Emergency Room, where they took him to the room as soon as we came running in. You just don't know when they are like that. He became silent, just sudden steady motions of his head back and forth. I hope I never have to relive that again. Because he hasn't had anymore, he may never do it again. The quickness of the fever had caused his seizure. His fever has gotten as high as 104. He seems to run high temperatures so we try to always have Tylenol on hand. Now, even Saturday night, he still has had a fever. Dr. Blalock said that we could give him the Tylenol through out the weekend. (He was so good for the doctor, doing everything that he asked. I'm sure he didn't feel like it. Even Dr. Blalock said he wish he could end EVERY week with such a good child:) Hopefully, he will be over it soon! He went to bed early tonite and so, I'm going to plan on setting my alarm clock so I can give him medicine about 12. Mike is going to stay with him tomorrow while I got to church and keep Nursery. Mrs. Rich, our wonderful friend who coordinates most of the childrens activities at church almost passed away last weekend. She had a aneurysm in her Aorta, in her heart, which caused a tear in her Aorta and had to have emergency surgery to correct. That consisted of bypass surgery and she almost didn't make it twice on the operating table. She also has had a Heart Attack and Stroke and is partially blind now. They are hoping that she will regain her sight later. She has a long road to recovery and she has been in our thoughts and prayers. We love her so much for the wonderful person she is. She always does SO much for the kids at our church. And everyone loves her just because she makes you feel so good. Tomorrow, I have a card for all the kids to sign so we can send it to her. I'm also going to get a big group picture to send to her. We continue to ask God to heal her and give her comfort. She is such an important part of our church family and we are so glad we have her in our lives.
(This is a picture of Mrs. Rich telling the kids the story of Easter at our Easter Egg Hunt this year)

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Lorrie said...

hey Jenn, we're back from vacation, just got in last night. I hope by now Hunter is doing better... poor little guy. we'll be praying for him, also for your church friend. Man, when it rains it poors huh? Talk soon, Lorrie