Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Money Pit Saga Continues

Well, if it's not ONE thing, it's another:(
We have been keeping in the back of our mind that we need a new A/C unit soon. We have just been tolerating it right now. It's not terribly warm in the house but it's not as cold as it should be. We know we have a leak since we have added Freon a couple times the last couple of years. Then, last week, we had the wet floor in our den and found that the condensation was completely clogged, which caused it to leak all over our brown shag carpeting in the den. It was so wet! (only a small square behind a chair thank goodness) If we didn't need to replace the carpet before, we will now sometime in the future. Anyway, Mike sucked up all the dirt and grime out with the wet/dry vacume and all is clear now. Unfortunately, not before I got a severe allergic reaction. (I thought for sure it was a sinus infection ) But my doc said I was COMPLETELY swollen and gave me now 2 different allergy medicines and said if this doesn't do it, he would have to put me on another stronger medicine.(which of course, none are safe if I get pregnant:( He also gave me a allergy test, which told me everything I was allergic to. (dust mites, cockroaches, grass, cats, dogs, and rag weeds) My arm looked horrible...I defentley showed the reaction!
I'm STILL going to cut the grass, but I'll probably get some face masks to wear now. SORRY, Doc but I love cutting the grass..he laughed at that one and said to try it out. He also said the dog wasn't as bad as the cat. NOW, for the clincher. Last night, our dishwasher broke right in the middle of a cycle, with water and everything. Mike had to cup all the water out to the sink and pull it out to look at it. There was NO electricity going to the motor, which means tonite we are going to Lowe's to get a new one. I'm NEVER going to save money this way:) I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle.... But every time we save, I find a NEW place to put the money! We're trying to finish our bathroom, which is down to bare studs right now. We've actually started finalizing our plans, picking out our fixtures and paint colors. Can't wait to get it done and NOT be broke again:(
I SURE wish I was still renting sometimes:( Wish I could call my landlord right about now:)

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Lorrie said...

OH NO!!!!! that TOTALLY stinks! I keep saying we need to get a dishwasher, but at least without one I don't have to worry about it breaking down... unless I'm sick - seeing as I AM the dishwasher! lol.
Hope you get stuff fixed soon and cheap!