Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Family Dinner

Mike made dinner for my parents Friday night and it was SO yummy. We usually have dinner with them on Fridays anyway but he's cooked for them the last couple weeks. He made homemade fried rice and broccoli and beef. It was delicious. He even taught Hunter how to eat with the chopstick. Mike ALWAYS uses them when he eats Chinese food. Hunter did pretty good. He's always done so well with his fork anyway. He just saw his dad and wanted to use them too! I'm glad that he remembers we always say our blessing before we eat and thank God for all we have. He sings along now and says Amen:) Every afternoon, he helps Dad empty the dishwasher. We showed our family and they thought it was really funny. He does so good and always wants to help. Even our daycare provider says that he not only cleans up after himself, he helps the other kids pick up their things. What a helper:)

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Lorrie said...

YUMMMMM!! Hey, gotta get the recipe for that rice! Looks sooooooo yummy!!!!!!! =)