Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's LOVE month!

Sonic's Sweetheart Blast..MMMM!
Hunter is ready for bed! The idea was to get a picture of BOTH my sweethearts but Mike decided to take pictures of useless "ART" instead:(

*I picked up a Sweetheart Blast for Mike and Hunter last night, after my Photography class. The class was good but pretty much, a refresher for me. I think for everyone, actually. But the teacher had been sick the week this was taught so she went back over it. She discussed Editing and Sharing. I did learn some things though. *
-Mike and Hunter had fun playing...Hunter looked pooped when I got home:) The Sweetheart
Blast looked really yummy when I saw an ad for it so thought I'd pick something up for the boys.
Mike was so nice to me the other night..What a great guy! I get so discouraged when I can't
figure something out with my Photography or Photoshop and he wouldn't allow it, and -I- won't
now. He really made me feel better. Now, I think I have a whole new perspective on it. I know
that I have a lot to learn and I'm just having fun doing it. I've learned A TON this week about
the F-Stop and most of all the White Balance. I've really been reading up on this and I've done
some practicing. This is really neat. In fact, Mike taught me a couple things last night about
metering. He has a Podcast on his IPOD that I think I'm going to check it out...sounds SUPER
informative. It's amazing how much I HAVE learned in one week! I need to look into some
Valentine photos for Hunter now. I've had several people approach me about taking pictures for
them for practice. YA! That would be the best! Photography defentley has become a passion
that I enjoy and wish to pursue to the fullest. Mike is my #1 fan and I love him so much. He is truely my sweetheart:)
(except for last night when he created that dumb ART that took 15 minutes to take off my memory card!!)
Can you believe it's Febuary already? This year is flying! Seems like Winter finally hit but wondering if we'll get some snow today. I WANT SNOW! If it isn't too cold I'm going to sneak over to Walmart today. They have some GORGEOUS tulips. A friend of mine got some there and they are really awesome. I've got my Photo Challenge Pictures taken care of but may have to get a couple extras. :) :) :) :)
  • Have a great day! It's cold here...Wind Chills in the 'teens. Glad I don't have to go anywhere tonite. Hoping Mike will make me a nice warm fire in the fireplace tonite. If you're reading this, I love ya, Honey:) My only problem is I won't get anything done...I'll be TOO relaxed and sleepy:) Hope EVERYONE has a great day!

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Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

This year IS going by VERY fast!!!!