Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a catch up part 2

Ok, my blog's new look isn't finished. I was trying some stuff out but didn't get home until after 9 and too tired to finish tonite:)

Got my Durango back tonite. Turned out to not be the transmission, completely. The filter had slipped off. SO strange since we haven't touched the transmission fluid since last year. But got a FULL flush and clean so we should be good to go. Can't wait to go camping soon and that's a weight off us that the truck is in good shape..YA!!

I'm still coughing like crazy so I'm going to try to go to the doctor Wednesday, even if it's the Urgent Care near my house. That place is incredible and probably better than any doctor's office around. They do everything!! I'm so tired of my eyes water, getting all choked up, all of it.

Hope you have a good Hump Day!

*Prayer Request*
A very special friend of mine has a young kitten and she just found out that he has Cancer. She only found out because she took him in to get neutered and during routine checks, discovered it. This little kitten has been a great companion and I know everyone can relate how our pets ARE our family. Please pray for a miracle or a healing or just peace to be with my friend. I love her a lot and know she would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

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prayer requests..