Monday, February 12, 2007

Ok, what an exciting day Sunday was! Mike and I tried to get some Valentine Pics of Hunter. He was not as cooperative as we wanted but not bad for an almost 3 year old! (Plus, not having the pacifier for the first weekend) This is just one of my favorites. I love that face. I will post more tonite!

The other picture is of the Coleman Bridge. There's more on my Photo Blog with the story behind it. I had a blast with Mike and Hunter at Yorktown Beach getting these shots. For the most part, they sat in the car while I ran out in my wool coat, hat and gloves to get a great shot. There were a couple that they got out...Hunter had fun and it was good for him to get out just for a bit. COLD COLD COLD! We got them from Yorktown and Gloucester but by the time we were on the Gloucester side, it had really dropped in temperature. What we do for a picture!! It was worth it...I'd do it all over again. I hadn't been there for a while. It looks totally different in Yorktown. It's beautiful, and there's a parking garage! I DEFINITELY want to go back. Well, gotta run. Hope to post more later. (I have my Photography class so it will be much later)

Another funny shot of Hunter and Brittany at church...he adores her!!

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scrapperjen said...

CUTE photos of the kids. Beautiful shot of the bridge - I'll have to check out your photo blog.
I found you through Peas.