Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What a Catch Up!

Mike and I had some friends over for lunch Saturday. His friend Jae, that he used to work with, moved to Indianapolis and was home for a visit. Their other friend, Bryce, his wife, Charlotte and new baby, Braxton also came over. It was fun! This is Braxton; isn't he SO precious?

The Dublin Family
Jae Kim Boys will be BOYS! The Turnage Family
Hunter's sporting his lil' nautical outfit!
We went to a friend's church Sunday and Hunter looked so cute! He wore his lil' button up shirt and Nautical sweater vest. He had fun too! He walked right in the nursery and started playing. What a great kid:)
Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Friday, I had to close so when I got home we had yummy spaghetti and chilled out at home. Saturday, Hunter had his last swim lesson and then we had to run over to Norfolk. It was beautiful but I didn't have time to get any shots since we were having company over. I wanted to get home and wasn't really in the mood anyway. We laughed and had a great time. It seemed strange to not see them at a country music concert:) It had been a while since we got together.
Sunday, we went to our friend's church and really enjoyed it. Then, went to Williamsburg for the afternoon. We ate dinner at the Mongolian Barbecue Grille...YUM! It was so good. It had been forever since we went. As soon as we got home, Hunter went to bed and I crashed out within minutes! I was so tired.
Also, finished 14 Wedding Shower Invitations for a friend at work. They turned out cute. I'll post pics later.
OH! I got my check from Jury Duty and I ordered my Adobe Lightroom...WOOOO HOOOO! I can't *wait* until it comes. We have the Beta version now and have been using it for a while but it ends at the end of the month. I just hope it comes SOON...
I'll be stalking the mail at work, waiting for it!
Plus, I might be taking some pictures for a friend, who is really into Archery. I'd LOVE to get a picture of her at the park, in action. How cool would THAT be?
Mike was off today because of President's Day and got a ton of work done around the house. He also took my car down to the Dodge Dealer. I have an appointment for Tuesday; Pretty sure that I need a new Transmission in the SUV...UGH! But I bought a warranty and it's covered, except for a $100 deductible..thank GOD! I've been really lucky with my SUV and our new car, never had them in the shop. Mike's truck's another story but running great now since he has to drive it all week until I get mine back.
Ok, I'm going to bed. I'm tired and I have to work until about 8 tomorrow night because of our Annual Meeting. Not feeling good and probably have Bronchitis again. Maybe I'll go to the "Doc in the Box" tomorrow night if I still feel like crap. Theraflu...here I come!
Good Nite!

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