Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baking some Love

We had some cookie and brownie mix I needed to get out of the house. (TOO much temptation) SO, we thought it would be fun to make them with Hunter. He had lots of fun, wanted to do everything himself. ("Me, Me!") He did very well:) This is him and his FIRST time breaking an egg. Hmmm, he really likes to crush the shells in his hands:) SO glad this batch wasn't leaving the house:)

He was very careful pouring the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Can't believe he let Mom help him, and YES, that is me in my Mickey Mouse flannel PJ's. I had to be comfy for THIS job!

Mix, Mix, Mix...this is hard work!!

JUST making sure the Peanut Butter Mixture is fully blended!

AND the brownie mix...

We really had fun with Hunter in his first Kitchen Experience. He did well, didn't mind getting a little help from Mom and Dad. LOVES getting his hands in the batter..hmmm!

So, that was Thursday night. Friday, Mike made a yummy lasagna and had a fire in the fireplace when I got home. I stopped by Food Lion and got some Texas Toast and Cheesecake. UGH...wonders for the diet huh? I just thought it would compliment such a nice meal. It was delicious!

Saturday, Hunter got up early and was ready to go. He was up around 7:45...he usually sleeps until 9 on Saturdays but that's ok. We THOUGHT it was the first night without his pacifier but he had one hidden in his bed. He may have been off schedule because of that but not sure if he knew it was there or not. We got up and had a nice bowl of Cheerios. Swim Lessons at 11:30 and then I went off with my mom.

We had dinner with Mike's parents and had a great time. It had been a while since we've been sick. We all had the flu and Hunter had an ear infection before that.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's and then Borders for a coffee. He got a little Valentine suprise from Maw Maw and PawPaw and a frog with some sweethearts at Borders. BTW, he loves his froggy. It went to bed with him and he was showing some love!

They're always so photogenic...I'm jealous!

Hunter's all smiles, showing off the whipped topping on his cheek

The lady at the table behind us gave Hunter a paper frog...He was thrilled and giggling histerically!

Hunter loves his music! Do we have a DJ on our hands?

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