Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hunter got a haircut today...Look at this picture! I don't know what it was...I just love that face. That's why I'm glad I take pictures. I want to preserve these special memories! What a joy! He is such a wonderful Valentine and a love bug, just like his Daddy!
I had my class tonite. It was good, talked about composition and all different situations. Next week is on Vacation and Travel. (how to care for your camera /equipment and how to maximize your Photography) I can't wait. Ritz didn't have any Portfolios but they recommended someone so I went by and got my FIRST portfolio. YA! I want to have lots of pictures I've taken before my class. As it stands right now, I'm taking 2 classes at TNCC in March and April and then I'm going to see what else they have. They actually have 2 Associates in Photography I'm kinda interested in. I know it will be years before, or if I ever do anything big with my Photography but I want to be educated. I want to learn all I can and about all the situations. We went to Yorktown last night to take photos and it was nice not questioning myself about the settings. I found myself changing things and adapting to the situation. I think that's what it boils down to. I was really excited!
Well, it's late. I'm tired and I have an 8 am dentist Appointment. Tomorrow, I have some invitations to finish making and hoping to get some pics printed for my new portfolio. I love it!
Have a great Tuesday. It's almost Valentines Day and I can't wait to go out with my man! We're just going to Outback and I don't want a thing. I just can't wait for us to spend an evening together. He, truely, gets better every day! He's so kind! Love ya, Mike! Thanks for always being there for me and being my very best friend!

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Kathy said...

That's so cool that you are learning a of stuff in class...I so need to step it up.
Love his expression!