Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Look

Well, I finally found the header I like for the month of Febuary. My little man LOVES Elmo and I love HIM a ton. I've also come to love Elmo too. Hunter gets lots of Elmo stuff, as well as Diego, and Dora and Blues Clues, and WELL, back to the subject, we ALL love Elmo. He's so huggable.

We went to Ruby Tuesday's tonite for dinner and then to Borders Bookstore. We had fun. It was nice being together and taking a moment to breathe. The last couple days have been crazy! I got a new Photography book and Hunter got The Cat in the Hat Returns. He was VERY happy:)
My header is actually, a banner they had displayed in the kids area. I loved it and took a quick picture. I had been looking for something different and cute anyway. Hunter is the most important thing to Mike and I and we're SO blessed to have him. Tomorrow, I'm going to get a picture of him with his hat on. He came in to work tonite to see me and he looks so cute in that hat. Love those little puffy cheeks of his..

During the love month, I wanted to focus on some things I LOVE...
-my God

-my family

-my church

-my bible

-the freedom to read my bible anytime I want

-Good Health

-Strawberry Limeades from Sonic

-lots of big fluffy snow to make snowmen out of and go sledding in

-my computer:)

-my Camera, my SONY ALPHA DSLR, carried more than my purse these days. Love ya, Bud!

-my friends; If you're reading, you mean the world to me!

-Grey's Anatomy..and I love McDreamy too! LOL!

-hot baths after a long day of hard work

-laying down to go to sleep in my warm, comfy bed at night

-learning new things, like Photography and Photoshop

-flannel pj's that I'm usually in within 5 minutes of being home from work:)

-walking up to my door in the evening to see Mike, Hunter and Bailey all waiting for me w/ a smile
-getting the mail out of the box everyday...who knows...I've always gotten excited about that!

-Reading the Lifestyles section of the Daily Press on Sunday Mornings...and then looking at the ads! I'm a nerd!

-listening to my IPOD 'cause there's SO many types of Genres of music and I go through stages. This week's stage is Third Day...I LOVE them!

-reading to Hunter at night and watching his little eyes dance and laugh!

It's not Thanksgiving but just wanted to say how much I have to be thankful for and things I love in life. My life is busy and full but at the end of the day, I know God has truely blessed me! Happy Love Month, AND Happy Hump Day!

"Let us love one another..." 1 John 4:7-8