Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh No..More Flu

Yep...Mike's got the flu now...full force. Poor 2 days with Hunter and now tomorrow he's home sick himself. I love them both so much but I've never loved the Lysol like I do now. Mike is really worse..Just called Ask a Nurse. He's passing out and having terrible leg cramps. They think it's exhaustion. Please say a prayer for us...He's been SO sick! I'm worried about my Mikey!
he didn't seem to get sick until right before he went to bed. He had make me a wonderful fire tonite before I got home from work. I was so cold, after picking up some groceries. Hunter roasted a marshmallow and was in heaven. Think he's feeling better?

I hope he will be all over this yucky mess. So, got my snow today ...Just a little. Now, I'm just praying for healthy vibes.Too tired to blog more. Good Nite
Lynn sent me and my camera outside to get some snow pics. It had just started and you couldn't tell yet. Well, really at all since it just didn't stick. Thanks, Lynn:)

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