Monday, October 01, 2007

Kings Dominion Funnies

These are about half of my "keeper" shots from Kings Dominion last weekend. Hunter and his cousin Dnk had lots of fun together. They got to ride some things together, walk together and see Dora! My son was SO in love...aaawww
It was a fun day. BUT very muggy hot and dirty. I had dirt all over my legs by the time we left. My cold shower when I got home felt awesome. Anyway, I'll try to post the rest Tuesday but I'm exhausted. I've been taking care of my little boy, who is awfully nasal sounding due to a Sinus Infection. Poor Guy!! I gave him his antibiotics tonite, as well as some cough medicine and I'm hoping he will be better in the Morning. We're headed out to the Mountains of Va this weekend with the entire family and I can't wait. I want us ALL to be feeling god since we have lots of fun! It's a busy week for us since Mike has class at ODU Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'll be packing up our camper those nights so we'll be on our way bright and early Friday morning. . Hope you all have a great Tuesday!! Good Night!!

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