Saturday, October 06, 2007

Momma's Bed

This is a picture of Hunter, laying in, what he calls Mommas bed. He loves to watch his cartoons (Clifford or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse usually) in our bed before getting up for breakfast. I usually get ready for work and he's there until it's time for me to make it up and get him ready. He's had a Sinus Infection this past week and has been a little run down. His nose ran like a faucet and the Dimetapp I gave him for his cough had that wonderful reverse effect on him. He was hyper and NOT sleepy. (but still a good boy)
We're camping from Staunton, Va this weekend and it's hard to believe it's Fall. The temps are supposed to be in the Upper 80's and it's beautiful! I'm getting ready to get up and moving. The sun is pouring through my Bedroom window and it's definitely gorgeous outside! We're going to a big festival today and then the Apple Orchard tomorrow. (they're actually having a festival there this weekend also) I just hope I can have a little time to take some shots here. There's a great waterfall here I've been dieing to get a shot of. They have several Red Maple trees all around the campground but the leaves really have not changed enough to catch.
And a small prayer request....Sigh...There's a small possibility I may be pregnant and I don't want to get excited and jink myself. If I'm not, and I'm kinda thinking not, I'll be OK but something is definitely going on. It's in God's hands now but a couple prayers wouldn't hurt, right?
Have a wonderful Day and Enjoy it to the Fullest =:)

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