Saturday, October 27, 2007

*Prayer Request...and an UPDATE*

These are my grandparents and I'd like to ask that you could remember my grandfather in prayer. He fell today and has broke his nose and pinkie finger. He's strong as a bull, didn't complain once while at the hospital. He and a friend were moving a heavy air compressor into his truck when he slipped on the wet ground and fell on the machinery. They checked him out really good and gave him a Tetanus shot, as well as several stitches in his finger. He's so lucky that he didn't injure his eye and that it wasn't worse than it was. I just hurt for him because I know that over the remainder of the weekend, he's going to start hurting. My grandparents are the most thoughtful people I know. They still come see us whenever we're sick and have since we were kids. They could care less if they get sick too or what they could catch. They would do anything for us. They love helping their kids and we just love them being a part of our lives. Just minutes before his fall, I left their house after having lunch with them. I had been so sick and haven't eaten much lately but all I wanted was my grandmother's homemade soup. So, she invited us over. My grandfather is 82 and still works in his yard and garden every day. He fixes old appliances and sells them. He still does his "rounds" with my cousin Caleb or husband, Mike on a, sometimes, daily basis, just looking for a washing machine or dryer. He has tons of vegetables and keeps buckets of them out for all his friends and family. He's a Deacon of our church and someone who everyone looks up to. They're always visiting someone, taking someone some fresh vegetables or taking someone to a doctor's appointment. I wish I had HALF their energy! Today, we were so lucky. I love my Pop and Nanny so much. Thank you for your prayers! Good Night!

Prayer is an awesome thing! I know we've had a lot of prayers going up for my Pop and it must have worked. He took a pain pill right before going to bed and he slept all night. This morning, he's feeling good, no pain and plans on resting the entire day. I went to bed early and got a lot of sleep. I have been so sick lately and was so tired from being at the hospital yesterday. Today, although not feeling perfect, we're going to do something outside. I really want to spend some quality time with my family, which we haven't been able to do lately. Hoping to go to the Pumpkin Patch. We go every year and this is last day it's open. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Andrea Amu said...

Ahhh, I'm so sorry to read this about your Grandfather's fall! So glad for you all that it wasn't much worse, but still, I know how scary those falls are, especially at his age. Take care of him!

Andrea Amu said...

I'm so happy to hear that prayers are being answered for your Pop! That's wonderful that he had a good night.

Enjoy your day with's going to be a great one weather-wise, and pumpkin patches are always way fun! :)

Ohhh, I also meant to add last night that your Pop looks like such a sweet man from the photo (both...such a sweet couple)! I miss my Grandfather dearly! Cherish the moments, as I'm sure you do!

Sherry said...

Hope your graps is doing better every day. Get some sleep and enjoy yourself.

Lorrie said...

glad to hear that your pop is feeling better. praying for a speedy recovery!

Norma Kennedy said...

The power of Prayer- AMazing !!! Good to hear he is doing well !!!!