Thursday, July 27, 2006

Busy Week

Well, My computer has been REALLY wonky this week so I haven't gotten a chance to even get on my computer hardly this week. (it's amazing how addicted we get) Anyway, Hunter and I didn't hang out Tuesday like we thought we would. Instead, Mike dropped us off at Barnes & Noble at the mall while he was at Tae Kwon Doe. We had so much fun. We went to the kids area and read several books. There was also a train there that he got to play with. It was really nice quality time together and it was very special. Hunter LOVES to read and if you grab a book, he'll sit there forever! We did visit Burlington Coat Factory also where we got a yummy sugar cookie in the shape of Spiderman and we visited the books and toys. We found a new pair of pajamas and 2 new books. Wednesday, we went to Busch Gardens after work. We were going to go to Water Country but Mike wasn't feeling well. We were glad, though that we went. Hunter got to run through Land of the Dragons. It was fun trying to keep up with him. He is so fast...amazing he can make it to the top in SUCH a short amount of time:) He rode the Sky Ride for the first time and wanted to ride it "more". (Luckily, to get to Land of the Dragons, you have to ride it twice and then once on the way back:) It was nice all of us together, and even though Mike didn't feel well, he still had a great time. Mike was sick again today. Not sure if it was his skin or what but turned out he just isn't sleeping good and can't sleep at night. He's very tired but just can't FALL asleep. I know we have had alot on our minds and even though he's been concerned, he says that that is not what keeps him up. He has even cut down on caffeine but not sure if he had it late or not. Maybe, just a small bug or something. He took some Tylenol PM and is asleep already tonite. He felt better mid day today and cleaned our house:) (we usually clean on Thursday nights anyway) He made a beautiful dinner. Corn, Grilled Chicken and a fresh salad. I'm really spoiled and am enjoying every minute of it. I tell him all the time he should have gone to culinary school. He doesn't just COOK good. He makes the food LOOK good. Hunter was happy-he LOVES corn! We watched a new Baby Einstein movie with Hunter with some popcorn. Talked to some friends we have been playing phone tag with for a while and then put Hunter to bed. Guess I'll get ready to turn in. Gotta check my baby:) He looks so precious sleeping. I have to admit that he does wake up sometimes. I just pick him up and put him in bed with me for a few. He just cuddles up and my heart melts! Even Mike will turn over and kiss all over him. But then we put him right back in his bed and he's asleep again:) He goes to bed so well. Only when we are camping he might not fall asleep right away but for the most part, he's out pretty quick. We haven't made any camping plans yet for next weekend. A couple of our friends are going to one place they want us to go to but Mike doesn't want t pay the $40 to go over the Bay Bridge Tunnel:) ha ha Me either! Then our other friends can't go next weekend but can every other weekend. We may be camping the entire month of August:) Hope everyone has a good night.
*Mike can't sleep again, even with 2 tylenol PM's. It might be a long night. If he can't sleep,
neither can I:(

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Lorrie said...

Hey Jenn, I hope Mike figures out soon why he can't sleep. I hate when my mind won't slow down and I "think" all night. It stinks!
I hope he gets some rest tonight so you can too!