Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WOW..A New Toy

Mike was home with Hunter today since he had the flu ALL night last night. He seems to be feeling better today but still very tired. Not sure how he will be later. He ate some crackers and fruit snacks for dinner while we had Veggie Pasta. I was so glad he ate something and kept it down. We were so exhausted last night but it could always be worse. I'm counting my blessings! The worst part was watching our little boy so scared and feeling so bad. Glad that's over, atleast for now. We're all watching Charlotte's Webb of my favorite movies! He loves it too!

Anyway, Mike was looking on Ebay today and found this great lens. It's a Super Wide Angle Fisheye lens!! Ya..I know this will take some great shots...We're BOTH super excited. (It's actually like a filter that goes on the end of my current lens) I LOVE that Mike and I are both enjoying Photography so much! It's nice to learn together and have that enthusiasm! Plus, one of the lenses I've been looking at is on sale and they're going to hold it for me until Saturday. I love my 2 local camera shops!

Other than that, nothing new. I'm going to go try to work on organizing my scrapbooking stuff. I've been without a computer since Mike was formatting it. We organized our pictures in the program that came with my Sony. I love it!! It 's already making things so much easier!!

Have a good night and PRAY PRAY PRAY for snow. I heard we may get it tomorrow morning and that would be wonderful!!

Hunter is STILL sick. It's 10:15 PM and he just got sick again. I just hope that he will have a better night than last. He's so tired he can hardly cry. But I know he's hydrated enough since he has been able to hold down a mix of Kool-Aide and Pedialyte. He usually doesn't like the Pedialyte, but with the extra flavoring he does, thanks to Mike's boss, Trip. {THANK YOU!}

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Cheryl Wray said...

OOH, just imagine the pictures you can take with that lens! How exciting!!
We had a slight chance of snow yesterday, but NADA!! I am praying that we get some before the season is over. My daughters want to see some SO bad!!