Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Childrens Museum

Mike and I took Hunter to The Childrens Museum yesterday. It was SO much fun. It's been a LONG and STRESSFUL week so we needed a fun diversion. It was really great. Hunter and Daddy were INSIDE their own bubble. It was super slippery but very cool. It's so weird being in a museum that was really made for kids:) Hunter did really good. He walked most of it. We held him a little when he got kinda tired but for the most part, he was on his own. He went into the reading room and Mike read to him. Hunter could sit and be read to all day long. The room was decorated with so many cute characters. There was a very cute Elmo on the wall. I think his favorite was the trains. There was actually one tunnel you can crawl through so your head could be RIGHT beside the train as it goes by. You look like an astronaut because it's a bubble that sticks up:) The pictures were either too dark or a glare from the light though so I didn't post those. There was one whole section that was nothing but trains and Hunter was mesmerized. We may have to tell Santa this year:) hhhhhmmmm Even though he had so much fun, I bet within the next two years, it will be even more fun. They had a bicycle and family festival also so when we left we watched for a bit. There were several different races going on but one of them that won was a guy we went to high school with. ($150 from a local bike shop was the prize) Anyway, when we left there we went home, let Hunter rest for a bit and I made Five Cup Salad to take to a friends house for her and her husbands summer party. It was really fun. There were a couple kids there running around and they got in the pool. Hunter had fun chasing all the dogs. Between their kids and them, there were SEVERAL there. It was nice. She used to work with me at my office and now she works at another office but we try to stay in touch. Both her kids are married now and her daughter is expecting their first baby in November. I've got a cute picture of my friend, Elaine and her daughter, Tabitha but Blogger wants to be a real pain so maybe I can post it l8ter:) We went to church, El Mariachi's for lunch (We had a coupon:) and then came home. Mike fixed some stuff on our laptop and we've been hainging out in the den while Hunter took a nap. He went down about 1:30 and he is STILL in bed at! That kid LOVES to sleep. We were watching some more specials on the Discovery Channel. We have become real nerds. We watched Extreme Engineering and it was really interesting. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday afternoon!

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Lorrie said...

I love the pic of Hunter on the top of the slide... he looks so grown up and looks just like his daddy in that pic!