Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More July 4th Weekend

These are some more photos from this weekend in North Carolina. Hunter had a BALL in the water. Uncle Jeff held him for a long time and they had fun:) He even jumped to him from Grandad's boat. He could hardly wait and wanted to jump in as soon as he could. Uncle Marvin sat with him on the jet ski. He's just getting him comfortable so he can ride next summer with him:) Uncle Mark was laughing at him with those new duck goggles on! Pop sat with him and read some books, which made Hunter VERY happy. My grandfather, Uncle Marvin, cousin Caleb AND Hunter all share the middle name, Glenn. I often say when they are all together their eyes look so much alike and it must be a GLENN thing! They looked cute on the pier fishing. Hunter got a NEW fishing rod from Grandad and he couldn't wait for him to use it. Nanny and Aunt Kitty love to swing with Hunter. There's a swing on the front and back porch and we use them all the time. It's so peaceful; only the sounds of the frogs. We really enjoy it there. We were only there this time a day and a half but regardless of the time, it was WELL worth it. We had a ball and can't wait until Labor Day. Well, I'm signing off. Its about 11 PM and I'm watching the news. But, I'm going to bed. It's TERRIBLE thunder storms here. I'm very frightened of the lightening since I watched a tree get struck by lightening and fall into a home across the street from me. I was standing at the door and watched the entire thing when I was a little girl. I do respect God's work; I just pray for his safety while being near it:) Good Night:)

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