Friday, July 14, 2006

A Prayer Request-Nasal Septum Damage

Well, today I am starting to get a little nervous. My stomach feels very heavy. Monday, I have a 9:30 appointment with a Plastic Surgeon, who is also an ENT. (Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor). I have a large hole in my septum believed to be caused by strong nasal sprays burning a hole right through it. (The septum is the cartilage in your nose separating the two holes.) I never even knew I had this condition until last year. I went to my regular ENT, because of continuous sinus infections. I had sinus surgery last August to correct a deviated septum, which was wonderfully successful. I had a large blockage on one side that was corrected, as well as a large bone spur and several benign polyups that were removed. This particular doctor I'm going to see was referred to me by another ENT I went to for a second opinion. I had heard he knew of someone who could CORRECT this hole in my septum. (My ENT doctor is wonderful but didn't know of anyone who would want to correct it. He does a great job of seeing me every several months to make sure that my nose is still healthy.) I know it must sound so weird. I feel so strange to have this condition, like this is so rare and can anyone else relate to me? Basically, I am only 30 years old and someday, my nose will collapse if not corrected. Both ENT's have agreed my nose is already showing signs of sagging and infections only make it weaker. I use saline spray frequently to keep it clean and keep the risk of infection down. Luckily, after this spring, it has been doing great. I had a bad staphe infection in the spring, which was very concerning to my doctor. When I called to make the appointment and spoke with the nurse, I felt very optimistic. She said that he has DONE this type of surgery and even though I have a LARGE hole, they are almost sure they can fix it. He only sees special needs patients and when he does sees you, he gets everything he needs to get done that day. (Ex-rays, insurance information, etc) She said by the time I leave, I will have a clear understanding of what my prognosis looks like. You don't KNOW what that means to me. My biggest fear was my nose eventually collapsing and no one knowing what to do about it. This is something I have prayed about. Just thinking about it, I could just cry to think that someone may be able to correct this condition. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and concern. I know that God is with me. Although I'm scared, I know that God has given me a peace I could not have without him. Just be careful if you are using those nasal sprays. The one I used was not used by me repeatedly or irresponsibly. I was instructed to use it as needed and that's what I did. (occasionally, with allergies or temperature changes) The problem is not how MUCH you use them. It's just HOW you use them. It has a steroid in it, which makes it very strong. Your septum is not bone, but cartilage and so, cannot take the stress of something so strong. Even if you point it in the right direction, towards the outer part of your nose, it's still going to get in there. The best thing to use is saline spray. The salt is very healing. I just think that this is an important message. I wish I knew that several years ago. God bless you and Good Night:)

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