Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nite Nite Routines

We spent our July 4th weekend at my family's home in NC; "The Lake". We're there almost every holiday weekend in the summer and it's great... boating, swimming, shopping, watching the Nascar race and LOTS of good homemade vegetables that "slept in the garden" the night before. Hunter got a few goodies from the ladies shopping day. They go to the "dime stores" and thrift stores, finding LOTS of "treasures". My little Duck...He was modeling his new Duck Goggles! He is so funny! He didn't mind them, even though they were a little tight. Then, Uncle Jeff offered to read him a bedtime story. (The Wheels on the Bus is his favorite) He loves to read books. We read every night before he goes to bed and have since he was a newborn. Mike and I love to read and he seems to share that same love for books. He has really learned so much by the books he enjoys. He's sat for over an hour before, just looking at books:) He likes his bedtime routine. We play, get a bath, brush our teeth, read about 2 books and then I snuggle with him in the rocking chair. Just by turning the lights out, he puts his head right on my shoulder and closes his eyes. I put ATLEAST one afghan on my shoulder for him to lay on and say his prayers. Then he says "BED" and I know he's ready to lay down. I love our routine and look forward to it every night. I take a quick peek before I go to bed, just to make sure he's ok and sometines I catch an adorable photo. He looks so peaceful and sweet. We just love him so much and can't thank God enough for him :)

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Sage said...

We have a son named Hunter, they all are great looking aren't they?
Ours is 11 on the 21st of July.
Glad you are enjoying yours.