Monday, July 10, 2006

A Very Special Message

I wanted to share with you a very important message. Jacob David Baker died in his sleep October 30, 2005, very suddenly from a rare condition called SUDC. (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood) This is similar to SIDS, but affects children older than twelve months. He was a BEAUTIFUL little boy who is missed very much by a host of family members and friends. October 22, 2006 will be the 1st Annual Jacob's Run for a Reason at Mount Trashmore Park in Va. Beach, Va. There will be a 5k run, a 1 mile Family Fitness Walk and a Silent Auction. All proceeds will fund SUDC research, create awareness and help in providing SUDC support services to bereaved families. Please check out the SUDC website and make a donation if you can. There are SO many parents out there who need to be aware of this horrific silent killer; My family didn't know about many others out there don't know either? Thanks for your time. Below, you will find Jacob's website and also the SUDC's website. Please check it out. God bless you, Jacob...

Jacob's Run for a Reason


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