Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just another Dreary Day

Just another rainy, sleepy day. I could have just stayed in bed all morning. My dog seemed to sum it up. He's dressed in his rain coat and ready for the storm:) After putting Hunter's bag in the car this morning, I noticed him as I walked back up my steps. What a nice night to just stay home. Hunter and I are going to snuggle up and watch a movie tonite. Mike has Tae Kwon Doe. We started to watch an Elmo movie from the library last night but Hunter brought me a Veggie Tales movie from our cabinet. I guess he made HIS choice:) He likes the others but NONE can keep him mesmerized like the Veggie Tales. The Baby Einsteins do that also. Anyway, we watched that and had a little ice cream and then he went right to sleep. It's SLOW today at work also. I was looking for somewhere to go camping next weekend but so far, no luck. We're looking for somewhere by the beach. Just to get away, just to enjoy the water, and maybe some fresh seafood of course. We'll see. I just have some serious cabin fever and would like to go relax with the family, and maybe with some friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful day to relax, sit back and prop your feet up and enjoy the rain:)

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Lorrie said...

Wish I could'a sat around, but it was my grocery day! Yuck! I hate getting groceries in the rain!!! =)