Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pillow Pleasures

Well, Hunter got a good suprise this weekend. We bought a new pillow for his bed; his FIRST BIG BOY pillow:) He has an adorable dog pillow that Grandma bought him but his head falls off it at night and he REALLY likes to lay on Mom and Dads pillows in their room. He was so excited!! He loves "Mater" too from "CARS" so he was even happier about that! When we brought it home, he carried it around the whole house with him in every room. He walked in the kitchen where we were and layed right in the floor and laughed profusely! He's such a silly boy:) He couldn't wait to grab it last night when we got home. We went to Busch Gardens for the fireworks show. It was really nice but we all had a case of "lead butt". We did some work around the house during the day and then took a nice nap while Hunter slept. I think we would have all been just as happy watching fireworks on tv but we still had a great time just being together. They had fireworks for the last 3 nights so it really wasn't that busy. It was just HOT so we went on the Log Flume and got wet. It felt WONDERFUL after that. It's nice we have passes and can go just for a short time and still get our money's worth. It's so close and Hunter has a ball. Well, hope you enjoy the cute photos of my Hunter Man. Too cute not to share. Have a great day and hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th. This year is just FLYING by!!

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