Friday, July 21, 2006

A New Start

Sometimes it's just easier to say forget the past. We ALL have a lot of forgiving and forgetting to do. I KNOW I certainly have done some things that I wish I could take back. The bottom line is Dave's accident should have reminded us that you NEVER know when God will call you home. I can't live with my conscience knowing something could happen to a close family member or friend or someone I love and they didn't know I loved them. Or there were hard feelings with them at the time. It may take some time but you adapt to the situation. You have to learn to just swallow your pride and say, "So what...I got my feelings hurt. I'm sure I've hurt some other people's feelings. I can't take it back. I can only change my actions from today on. I may not agree with everyone's opinions or ways of life. I just need to be supportive and take care of myself". I just might need to hear that someone cares or they DO love me and my family sometimes. That's part of our problem..We have this pride and we just can't drop it. I do love EVERY member of my family and I have never wanted to be a part from them. We just need to draw the line from today on and never look back. Is anyone with me?

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Lorrie said...

Well spoken. I absolutely totally agree. Jenn, I am sorry for anything and everything I have ever done to hurt you. I want to become friends again. Thank you for reposting your blog and thank you for your post tonight. I love you. Lorrie