Thursday, July 13, 2006

Having a ball at Busch Gardens

Well, I've been trying to get these pictures on here for a while but these are from last Friday. I went to Busch with Hunter, my mom, my "Nanny Arnette" , "Papa Bill" and "Aunt Kitty". My Nanny and Aunt both got a fun pass for Busch so they can go all summer through September. We had a ball! It's hard to believe my grandparent's age the way they stay active. We saw a couple shows and watched Hunter run through Land of the Dragons. We ate lunch at the Festhaus while Pop and my mom were dancing away! My mom loved it...this picture was the back of her but I thought it was really funny! Pop looked awesome...he really seemed to enjoy being part of the show:) The weather was wonderful. It had been horrible weather the day before but it must have helped Friday. It was sunny and beautiful but NO humidity; even a nice breeze. I don't know when we will get them all there again...Needless to say, I really treasure the pictures I have. It was a perfect day.

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