Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another Week Gone By..

We came home last Sunday from the mountains to go to our friend, Rod's birthday party. First, they had a Pampered Chef party, where we spent way too much. We're both suckers for the stoneware. Now, we have about 7 pieces and it's ausome to cook with. Then, his birthday celebration followed. We had some yummy Coldstone Creamery ice cream cake. As you can see, Mindy had a hard time getting through the top but it was really funny to watch her..Sorry, know I love you!! She goes on travel all the time with her job. This time, she was on a long trip. She brought us back Gummie Bears from Germany, a Sachet Soap from Paris, and an adorable stuffed animal from Germany for Hunter. He loves it too. (He stayed at Grandmas and Grandad's while we were at the party) He also has a duck from Germany they gave him when he was born. They are the most thoughtful people and we're so glad that we're friends:) This Friday night, we went to church for a Veggie Tales Movie Night. It was a blast!! Hunter got a goodie bag, a new Veggie Tales Cd, a snack, balloon and a ball. It was really a great event. We bought a new Veggie Tales Nativity Set for Christmas. It's so adorable and I can't wait to put it out. There's a star on the manger that sings..cute! Hunter played it the ENTIRE way home...only bad part:) Saturday morning, we both ran a 5k run for Toys For Tots. My time still sucked but I'm proud of myself for doing it and finishing. It really wasn't that hard. I just want to work on my times before next time. Mike stuck right by my side and was my biggest fan. I know he's really happy that we're running together. It's really made our close relationship even better!! This run was at CBN and we saw a military helicopter land right in front of us. We got to go inside and ask questions. We ALSO got to see Santa. Hunter ran up and hugged his neck. It was so precious! I got pictures that I'll post tomorrow of that! Santa will be here before we know it...AAAHHH! It makes me nervous but we'll be ok this year. We both got shirts for running in the race, lots of free food and drinks, Hunter got a free CBN DVD and Mike won a Portable DVD player. We already have a new one we just got replaced becuase our old one broke and was under warranty. SO, we took it back to Best Buy, explained it was a gift and they gave us store credit toward Mike's IPOD. He's happy..we've been playing with the IPODS all day. We were slack today and it sure was nice. Hunter has a cold and has had a high fever. After going to church we knew we wanted to take a break and rest most of the day. It was so wonderful feeling. Tomorrow we are supposed to get Hunter's picture taken, if he's feeling better and then, of course, Tuesday is HALLOWEEN. We're planning on going to the same church we've taken him to for the past 2 years. They have tons of food, games and "TRUNK OR TREAT". He'll be the perfect age this year. Well I'm going to bed now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week:)

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