Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween...from Mickey Mouse

We took Hunter tonite to The Picture People to get his costume pictures done. He, unfortunately, has a bad cold and couph and was tired from the Tylenol. This made his photo session SO easy:) We were only in there 10 minutes. He smiled every time and the photographer just kept snapping :) He was happy as he could be so decided to keep the appointment. I need to scan the pictures in but didn't have time. I just took a picture OF the picture. Hey, whatever works. I just knew I needed to post these. (I can replace with the real ones later:) He 's holding the Mickey Mouse that Maw Maw and Paw Paw brought him back from Disney a couple years ago. He has that one and big fluffy one that he has to sleep with every night, and carries them around the whole house:) He has DEFENTLEY become a big Mickey fan. He's learned alot of the other Disney characters but doesn't hide his preference:) We are thinking about redecorating his room in a couple months and making it a Disney theme. We have some pictures we got free when we ordered "Cars" and now these would be great in there. I love them!! I thought they turned out ausome!! He now has a high fever and is staying home with Mike tomorrow. He may go to the doctor if he isn't any better. Those fevers scare me because of how fast they pop up. He was fine today because I called my daycare provider and she said that he had been a little more tired but not bad. After his nap, evidentally, his fever spiked back up again. Poor thing, but what a great mood he's been in today. Maybe he just likes to be lazy and rest. Not sure but he's so adorable and it's so sad to see him weak eyed. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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