Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend full of Fun

This weekend, we were busy busy busy! But we had lots of fun. Friday, we went biking right after work and dinner. We went all through the neighborhood. The weather was great. It had gotten a little cooler so we all had our sweats on. Saturday morning, I got up early and went to the Midtown Aquatic Center with Mindy to swim. I just joined and had an ausome workout. We swam about an hour. It's amazing how much that really works you. Mike got up before the sun came up and ran 10 miles. He got home as I was getting up..WOW! We went to Toys R Us since they were having Geoffrey's Birthday party. It was really fun. He got to march in a parade, keep his musical instrument, wear a birthday hat, and get cake (a twinkie or a chocolate cupcake). He also got to play with lots of toys and Dad got to see him this time. Last time we went, Mike had to work. He got to try on lots of cars and trains. (We already got him the Diego jeep for was ON SALE:) Toys R Us is higher priced on alot of things but they have great sales. I went home and took a nap when Hunter did before we went to Rod and Min's for dinner. I was supposed to run 3 miles but Mike said that was more than enough so I could skip it. (according to my cute schedule he made up for me) We had a great time at their house. It was late when we got home but Hunter had a ball and slept in before church Sunday. We watched a movie while the guys fixed their new garage door opener. Dinner was delicious and we got to eat outside before it got too cool. They have a gorgeous view of the golf course and it always looks nice as the sun is going down. Sunday, I went to the Center while Hunter slept. Then, we went off with my mom and dad. We went to Busch so Hunter could ride some rides. He LOVED the horses and the dogs. They were doing tricks with the dogs and Hunter just burst out laughing. It was like the funniest thing we ever saw. He had a hard time leaving that part but he did ok:) We stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, Tequilla Rose. It was just a great weekend and I feel like I got so much excercise in. I'm getting nervous about my first 5k coming up but I know I'm ready already. Hopefully, I can still get in some training next weekend. Next Saturday is the Fall Festival we go to every year and Sunday is my work picnic...WHEW! I'm not complaining though. I LOVE this time of year! I have most of my shopping done already for Christmas so I'm hoping to really enjoy the holiday season this year. Hunter is all done, except for his train set. (waiting for it to go on sale at TRU) It'll be the holidays before we know it:) Have a great day!

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