Friday, October 13, 2006

Family Ties

Just wanted to post some pictures of what real famiy is to me. These were just in the last week or two. I was looking for some pictures and realized I hadn't posted these. We had to stop by Jeff's, or "Uncle Jeff" and Hunter was really excited. He pulled out some nuts for him because he knows how much he likes them. He had a football for him so they played for a while. Hunter was ecstatic:) The other pictures are of my grandparents with Hunter Man. We stopped by last Sunday after we passed them in the car. Hunter was SCREAMING "Nanny and Pop". I knew we had to stop and they were so glad to see him. (and us:) Nanny picked him right out of his car seat and he just wanted her to hold him. She decided to keep her tree up all year in her living room so he knows he can go in there and cut the lights on. Pop got lots of kisses and seems to enjoy them as much as Hunter likes to give them. The last pictures are of our little family last night. We stopped by the park on the way home from work. Hunter got to swing with Dad until I met them there. It was so wonderful when he runs toward me and wants to love on me! He had a shirt on this morning at daycare that his grandma made him. He was so cute that I couln't resist taking his picture. I just felt the need to post these wonderful family pictures. I realize every day that I am so lucky to have this family that makes Hunter such a big part of their life. He loves them so much...his smile and eyes just light up when he sees them. It amazes me every day the love they have for him. I thank God every day for all the joy I have in my life:)

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