Monday, October 30, 2006


What a GORGEOUS day. I'm home for lunch and was just overwhelmed by the beauty of the day. It just makes me so happy, so at peace. I just remember what is good and true in my life. I had such a great weekend with the family and am looking forward to the week. We have lots of stuff on the list we're looking forward to doing together. Just hope Little Man is feeling better. He has a cold and cough and has been running a little fever. He's supposed to get his Halloween pictures taken tonite so hopefully, he will be up to it. I got him some good (and yummy grape) medicine this morning and he should sleep good today. He loves his sleep and doesn't seem to be cutting out his nap ANYtime soon. The leaves in my front yard looked so pretty. It reminded me of the changes in colors we saw in the mountains. We are planning on going back to the same campground next weekend. They're having a huge Thanksgiving dinner and some friends are going the same weekend. We actually told them about it and then weren't sure if we were going or not. Well, she talked me in to it today and we're getting excited. I'm looking forward to another relaxing weekend with lots of pictures and fun. Hunter LOVES camping and gets excited every time we even walk IN the camper. Anyway, Have a wonderful day and enjoy all that is good about the day:)

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