Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Camping in the Mountains

We went to Verona camping this weekend and it was wonderful. Mike and I took our time Friday, pretty much slept in and then finished up some last minute packing. We got to the mountains around 3 and it was perfect. It had been really warm at home but it was nice and cool by the time we got there. We usually go earlier in the month but going later this time, the colors were much more vibrant. I didn't take too many "scenic" pictures. I just enjoyed a lot slower pace kind of schedule. Shortly after we got all settled in, Mike went for a good run workout. (about 6 miles) Hunter and I colored with the windows open and right by the window so we could enjoy the scenery. It was so relaxing. We had to go out to get some laundry detergent and ate around the corner at the Wendy's. We love it there because of their yummy salads. Their prices are so good on everything...you coulnd't make a salad at home for what they charge:) Always looking to save a buck you know.. Anyway, we had their yummy chili since it was getting colder. It really hit the spot. Then, we went back to the campground and enjoyed a little lounging. It was nice. Saturday, we slept in again and then went to the apple orchard to get some yummy apples. I picked up a bunch for me and the family. I love them for snacks. Hunter loves them too and I'm all for him eating fruits and veggies rather than candy. By the time we got back, the kids were already getting ready to trick or treat. We hurried in to get Hunter Man changed and he got to Trick or Treat. He was Mickey Mouse and he spotted another mouse he really fell for! She was so cute with him too. Lots of the sites were decorated so creatively. Mike cut out our pumpkins the night before after I printed the patterns from the KOA site. While he and Hunter worked on that, I worked on the pumpkin seeds. (We ate them the entire trip up:) There were 1 or 2 haunted houses that Hunter was so interested in but wouldn't dare go in:) By the time we were done, he was ready for his nap. He took just an hour nap and then we went to dinner. We took a side dish and the campground covered everything else. They had cooked a pig. It was more food than you could imagine. We went to the playground afterwards and played for a long time before going to settle in for the night. It was a great time to just relax. We did alot of resting and it was really well needed. We usually go somewhere and stay busy so by the end of the weekend, you feel like you need another trip to recoupe. We are talking about going camping one more time this year. No plans yet but we didn't go as much as we had planned. We were doing so much cleaning and home improvements that we didn't get to go much. Seems like the summer just slipped away:( Hopefully, we can get our other home improvements done before the Spring so we can enjoy next year. We just need to take care of some things before we start thinking about moving. I'd love to move away close enough to come home on a weekend but far enough to have some space and see other parts of our country. Mike is a civil engineer and is getting ready to take his 2nd big exam to be licensed. After that, our possibilities are endless. He sends me emails about living in Europe all the time for 3 year intervals. I'd *LOVE* it, but as long as I have family here, we don't think we can. (Especially the Grandparents) We'll probably stay pretty close though:)
Anyway, getting off the subject...my batteries died in my camera so I'll post some more pics later. I'm tried. Mike and I went to the Olive Garden for his bday and then played around with the IPOD so I can use it tomorrow morning. We're both running 5k's this Saturday for Toys for Tots so we need to get working. Good night:)

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