Friday, October 06, 2006

Ladie's Nite

A couple of us girls went out tonite after work for dinner, a drink, and just a chance to unwind after a crazy week at work. Kim (blue shirt) and Peggy (brown shirt) both went to different offices a couple months ago so we try to stay in touch with them. Lynn, on the right, got it all together...Thank you, Lynn! Laura and Pam were supposed to meet us too but they had some other plans... They left our office about the same time. We had a really great time tonite and it was just SO wonderful totake a breather:) Peggy held her napkin up so my "foo foo drink" would have a nice back drop for the pic. She's so thoughtful. Atleast I stayed healthy with the water and yummy salad. Cheddar's has the best cubed cucumbers on their salad. How delicious:) Thanks, everyone for getting together. Let's do it again REAL soon:)

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