Thursday, October 19, 2006

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Belmont Pumpkin Farm this past Sunday with Hunter. Boy, did we have fun! There were lots of pumpkins and beautiful fall foliage; I got lots of pictures, as usual:)
Hunter rode on a big hayride down to the pumpkin patch. We brought his wagon so we could load his own pumpkin and it really came in handy. One of his best buddies, Maddie and her family were there also and she got to ride in the wagon with him. He was SO EXCITED..I think he has a little crush. (that's cool..she's a very sweet little girl) He also got to see the pigs, goats, ducks and turkeys. He loved it...he kept running from the duck to the pig, almost confused on which one he liked better:) We had so much fun playing. I was tired when I got home but it was just a memorable experience. It was his first time. My mom goes with her kindergarten class every year and told me about this place several years ago. It's really neat! I hope to go for many more years and have lots of pictures to tell stories for a lifetime!

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