Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Camping Pictures

These are the last of my pictures from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in the mountains of Virginia. It was so nice there, and very peaceful-Just what we needed! Hunter's cousins were there and he loves to see them. He loves his little cousins, and all of his family. D was a cowgirl and K was a Redskins cheerleader. (Her dad is a big Redskins fan, while her mom is a Packers fan...I wonder if she will be a Packers cheerleader next year:) They were both really adorable. The kids all got to "Trick or Treat" around the campground. As you can see, Hunter did VERY well, and he didn't even go to all the sites. It was his naptime and he was kinda clumbsy, but stuck it out to the end. After a nice nap, we went to dinner and then played on the swing set. We saw the ducks and the view was beautiul. I love the picture of the trees over the water. I'm going to try to make this into my Header and change my background color but not sure how to yet:( I didn't take as many pictures this year. I had a lot on my mind and I just relaxed. It felt good; we've both been pretty stressed the last couple months. We REALLY want to go camping one more time but not sure if time will allow it. Guess we'll see how the schedule works out. I know that most of my shopping is done for Christmas and I plan to do alot more Holiday festivities this year. I always finish mid December and I'm tired of it. I bought things as I saw them or thought of them this year. I only have my father in law, our Granny and Papa and some of my family. But I have a list with everything I need to get so I hope to be done in the next 2 weeks. Ya! We leave for Disney in one month and eleven days..I CAN'T WAIT! This will defentley be a vacation well needed. It's Hunter's first time in Disney and we want him to enjoy every moment. It's so had not to put up my decorations now! I already started listening to Tran Siberian Orchestra but we're just getting ready for the concert in a couple days. We've been the last couple years and although it's usually before Thanksgiving, it's like the beginning of the holidays for us. Well, gotta go. Got some more cleaning to do and maybe later I can post some of my week's pictures. Hunter Man has a little cold and a fever so I need to give him a nice Vicks Vapor Bath and put out his vaporizer before he goes to bed.

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