Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good News

Well, I went to see my Doctor on Wednesday and got a good report. He said the pain I'm suffering is probably part of the healing process. My tummy and internal organs are all soft and in great condition. He even said, after 4 weeks, my Uterus is back to pre-pregnancy size already. He still wants to know if I'm still having pain in the future, as it's a little strange for me to have the feelings I'm having. But he reminded me that I didn't JUST have a Cesarean but had 2 MAJOR surgeries in a row and that it will take longer to heal. The 2ND Surgery actually takes about 120 days on average to completely heal from, so it might be the Fall before I'm completely over all this. My incision still burns pretty bad but I knew that was normal. After asking me about it, he said it's actually my nerves bonding back together. It's amazing our body can do everything it does. (how it heals, how it recovers) What a miracle!! Anyway, he DID tell me about some over the counter medicine that helps break up gas in your tummy. Sounds like TOTAL TMI, right? Yep, that's right but he said, after a surgery like that one, it could make some serious changes while healing. SO, I was pleased with my report. God is SO good. I was really worried but I have alot of people are praying for me.

Today is Hannah's 1 month Checkup and then, hoping to stay home, maybe watch some movies, ready some books and work in Hunter's workbooks. It's rainy and dreary here and I'm just in the mood to hug my babies. Maybe I'll have time to catch up on my scrapbooking while they sleep. I hope you all have a great day! God Bless!

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Lorrie said...

glad to hear everythings ok!!