Saturday, July 19, 2008

Water Babies

One of my dearest friends, Melissa and her adorable 11 month old daughter, Isabelle went to the pool with us Thursday. We had a great time. We packed a lunch and sat at the baby pool. Hunter had a ball too, sharing all his water toys. He has a bath toy, Dora that stays in our pool bag that Isabelle really loved.

Isn't she just precious, with those cheeks?

Here's MY fish, Hunter
He had swim lessons all week at the pool and we spent 3 days there afterwards. (and Water Country on Friday) He did SO well. He's treading water, using his arms and legs together to swim and walking by himself in the 3 feet. I'm so proud of him.
We went to Dinner with some of our other friends. Hunter was getting ready to go to Grandma and Grandad's house. They invited him to spend the night and he could hardly wait. We went to Tuscany's, an Italian favorite for all of us and then had coffee at Starbucks. We sat outside and caught up for over 2 hours. It was a wonderful night and the temps were perfect. This picture was taken right before we went to Dinner and Hunter went to his grandparent's house. Dad had to get his fix before he left..Awwww....

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We're playing with Hunter in the back yard today and planning to go to Busch Gardens this afternoon/evening. Tomorrow is Church and hopefully, visiting with our Grandparents. No matter what you do, hope it's a great one!! God Bless!

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