Saturday, July 12, 2008

Great Weekend!

No pictures to post because my camera is in my car trunk, which my husband drove to work. We went to the pool yesterday with my Mother In Law and had a wonderful time! The weather was perfect..warm sun on our face and cool water temps. Hunter and I got a little sun but not too much. I'll be sure to post pictures later, when Mike gets home from work.

We planned to go to Busch Gardens last night but didn't quite make it. We stopped by the Credit Union to make a deposit and ended up visiting with the baby for a while. We went to Pierce's Pitt BBQ for Dinner but it was a little change of plans. While we were waiting for our number to be called, I gave Hannah her bottle. She had a BIG bowel movement, shortly after that I decided I'd change right away so we could all enjoy our dinner. They don't have a changing table so I used our back seat in the car. Thank God for changing mats!! She shot everywhere; up her back, on her arms, legs, UGH! We had a travel container FULL of wipes that were completely used up and she was still wearing it. After wet napkins and about 45 minutes of cleanup, we decided to head home. Believe it or not, I was wearing WHITE shorts and didn't get a bit of the diaper change evidence on me. But eating a chocolate chip cookie on the way home, I lost the battle! How funny!

We've got to run an errand or two this morning and then, I think we're headed to the pool again. After Mike leaves work, he's going to meet us there. It's supposed to be beautiful out today.

This afternoon/early evening, we're headed to Chili's for Dinner with the family for my Brother In Law's birthday. I'll probably make a card for him when I get home from the pool.

Whatever you do, hope it's a blast!!

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