Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

Our first family picture, with Hannah
This was taken at Busch Gardens, where we went Sunday afternoon/early evening. We were planning to go Saturday but my tummy was hurting and so, we decided to stay at home. We watched Free Willy and I was able to finish some Announcements and Thank You notes. Sunday, we went to Church before visiting our Nanny Puckette and our Granny and Pa Pa. We didn't get to BG until about 6 and stayed until about 9. That's why I love having passes. We can go for a short period of time and still have fun. Hunter and I went on the Log Flume and they went on Dar Kastle, while I fed the baby. Even at night, it was SO hot!! The water ride felt great!!

Hunter loves this tree. He sits in it every time we're there!! Hunter, Hannah and I went to The Living Museum on Monday. We spent several hours there and ate lunch there too. It was SO much fun! We saw LOTS of fish and dinosaurs. I was surprised by how many names he remembered of the animals. He said he remembered them from "Finding Nemo" and "Diego". I was also able to register him for the Before and After School Program at his school. It's a great program and I KNOW he'll really enjoy it. I'm looking forward to an exciting school year for him.

Today, we're planning to spend some time at the Library. They have a story reading at 11 and we're planning to do some reading of our own. I may try to get my hair cut while the kids sleep. (today or this week) I'm in need of a New Look before going back to work =)

Wednesday, we're going to try to go to the movies in the morning and Blue Bird Gap Farm afterwards.

It's SO hot out this week. Hopefully, we can do most of our activities in the earlier part of the day.

This week, we have Vacation Bible School at Church at night. I should have pics tomorrow.I finally was able to salvage my pictures from my P&S camera. This is my Mother In Law, about a week ago when she went to the pool with us. Hunter had just finished his swim lessons and had really progressed alot on his swimming. We had a wonderful day, spending time together so I'm SO glad I didn't lose these pictures. Hunter was so happy to have his "Maw Maw" with him at the pool. I'm hoping we can go again before I go back to work.

Well, have a great Tuesday!!

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