Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A NEW Look, and a Tribute

Well, I WAS able to get my hair cut yesterday and I LOVE it. A really nice girl, named Emily cut it. She cut my hair about 4 years ago when I decided to go short then too. I let it grow out and it's been driving me nuts ever since. I'm thinking I'm going to keep it short this time. I LOVE this cut. It's easy to take care of, can be styled a ton of different ways and feels much better. I have extremely thick hair and the weight of it is really crazy sometimes. My hubby likes it too. At first, he said he liked it better long but this was cute. Now, he says he really likes it. YA! I needed an update, a new look for when I go back to work. I think I don't look so young, as I did with my old style, long straight and boring. I may get it highlighted but not unless I can find it at a good price. It's WILD how much it cost for highlights and I, honestly, don't think I could sleep at night, knowing I paid a ton of money for something for my hair. (I'm planning a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply and may try to do it myself, as I've done before)

Well, today we're going to see The Bee Movie at the movies. Hunter is all excited. Then, after lunch, I think we're all going to take a nap before Dinner and Vacation Bible School tonite. Hunter has really enjoyed it and we've enjoyed being there to watch all the adorable kids.
And a Tribute to Estelle Getty
Estelle Getty, best known as "Sophia" on The Golden Girls, passed away yesterday. That is STILL one of my favorite shows and I love watching it. Even my hubby laughs at it when I watch it. She was 84, and suffered from Advanced Dementia. She was a funny lady and she will be missed.

Hope you have a great day!!


Lorrie said...

love the new "do"!
I'm thinking of getting a "bob" myself, just a bit longer though.

Robin S said...

Jenn I love it!!!! This is a great pic of you!!! You are braver than me...I have been wanting to get mine cut...but can't find THAT PERFECT cut that is made for me.