Monday, July 28, 2008

A Little Outside Fun

We stayed home most of Saturday and Sunday so Hunter could rest. But by Sunday afternoon, he really wanted to run outside. We were planning to go to local Farm to see some animals but it had started to rain. We drove around, thinking we would go to the Indoor McDonald's to play. But it cleared up so we went to the park. Hunter got to run off a little energy and we ALL got to enjoy the Great Outdoors. It was muggy but a pretty nice afternoon. Here's some of my favorite shots of my little boy. He likes to be called Thing #1 now and he says Hannah is Thing #2. We're looking for shirts for them to wear on our Vacation to Florida in December. How funny!

Still a little weak eyed but feeling much better...
My Two Boys...
OK, today, we're headed to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch with my Aunt Nancy and then, to Piccadilly a little later tonite to celebrate two birthdays. Last week, we had my mom and Pop's birthday.
Hope you all have a great Monday =)

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