Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our Newest Swimmer...

We took Hannah to the pool on Monday and she finally got to get in the water. We've been waiting for her Umbilical cord to fall off and it finally did a couple days ago. She slept through most of it but woke a little to see what was going on. Her little head is so little that it's hard to find her a hat that actually fits her. This one was passed on from a friend and one of the only ones that doesn't fall all over her. We covered her with tons of SPF and she didn't get any sun. (We had Hunter in the water at 3 weeks old which he's always loved too and he's never had a problem with getting too much sun) We went home, got cleaned up and took a nice nap.

Me, with my two little Fish!
Grandma too....

Sitting by the baby pool while Hunter Man plays...

And right before bed, the kids sit for Reading time.

We had a great time at the pool on Monday. It's so nice because we all have fun and I actually relax. Tuesday, we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch, played a little on the playground and then, went to the Library. Hunter and Hannah both joined their summer reading program. They got a little reading chart, where we write down all the books they read, or have read to them. Every increment of 5 gets a surprise. After 20 books, they get entered in a drawing and a Certificate that they have completed the program. Well, we read every day and so, I told the girl working there we would probably finish next week. We've already done 6!! I'm glad Hunter shares our love for Reading. Books are SO wonderful! He also has to find Buddy Bug every week, somewhere in the library and he gets entered in a drawing to win a free book. We had fun looking for him yesterday and found him on the wall. I love the time we're spending together!


Today, we will play around here for a little while and then, I have a Doctor's appointment at 1:30. I wouldn't mind some prayers, as I'm going to see about pain in my abdomen since my second surgery. It's been consistent every time and is very painful. I'm hoping that it's just all part of the healing process but they may need to run some test to make sure everything is OK. It's really been worrying me because it's such a weird thing that happened. (and SO rare)


For the rest of the week, we'll probably do some reading, maybe go to the pool again and go for some walks in our neighborhood. He likes to ride his bike too sometimes.

Hunter starts swim lessons next week at the pool. I'm so excited for him. He LOVES the water! He can walk the length of the 3 foot all by himself now and he's really good at treading water. I'm really enjoying my time with him this summer.

Well, I'm off to eat breakfast and watch The Wiggles with my Hunter Man. Have a great "Hump Day"

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