Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun At The Aquarium

Holy Cow!

Hunter got to pet a real baby Alligator. That was a little eerry for me!
Hunter and Grandma really liked the Shark Mouth

I really liked this crab, because I LOVE crabs....Steamed Ones:)
(Just Kidding)
This was a really neat exhibit..it looked liked you were walking through a great big Forrest
While we were there, Hannah learned how to FINALLY get that thumb in her mouth. Aaaawww.....
And this is me, looking really rough, as we were unpacking the camper on Sunday. I got alot done with Hannah in her carrier. She had been fed, changed, burped but just wanted to be held. This was her first time and she LOVED it! And an advertisement in the museum. We've never checked it out but will have to real soon.
We LOVE some Disney!
Well, these are some of my Aquarium pictures. Tomorrow, I'll have pictures of us all jumping on The Jumping Pillow at the campground. FUN
We're going to Hunter's School Orientation for Parents tonite. Have a great Tuesday!


Sarah C. said...

I love aquariums. :) The shark photos are my fav. Glad you all had a good time!

scrapperjen said...

I love the aquarium and that looks like a GREAT one!
Thanks for all the pics.
(visiting from Peas)