Monday, August 18, 2008

My Poor Baby

Well, Hannah had her four shots and one oral medicine on Friday. It was horrible to watch. She was just laying there and WOW! She screamed like I had never heard her before. She cried all the way home. She fell asleep and then woke up crying. We actually DID have a great time camping though. She calmed down but wasn't quite herself. Today, I'm just posting this sweet face in some pain. But she looked cute in her Barbie band-aids... (sigh...)
This week, I'll have some more pictures of us camping, us jumping on the Jumping Pillow, fun at the Aquarium, the pool, Hannah learning t0, finally, get that thumb in her mouth and some new stuff from the scrapbooking store in Virginia Beach.
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!


Sarah C. said...

Poor thing! :( I can hear the cries from here. Hope she's feeling better today.

Lisa Dorsey said...

Oh that poor girl. I do remember that time though. Hugs to you, I know it is hard to watch. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Creative Junkie said...

awwww, poor baby! I remember those days of shots ... it's so hard to watch them in pain. :(

Suzanne Webb said...

Aaah, poor baby, I'm remember those shot days, not always fun...she sure a cutie though :)
Have a great day, and hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow :)

Lily said...

oh my, look at those bandaids on those sweet chubby baby legs. Poor pitiful baby!